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Sovereign Soul Soapery


What if I entered an incorrect shipping address?
Email me ASAP!! I have no control over the package once it has shipped out. In most cases it will be returned to me and then I will have to send  you an additional invoice for shipping to your correct address.

How are your soaps different from commercially-produced ones?
My handmade soaps are crafted with love and attention to detail. They are made in small batches using natural ingredients, such as essential oils, plant-based oils and nourishing butters. Unlike commercial soaps that are mass-produced and contain harsh chemicals and toxins, my soaps are gentle on the skin and free from sulfates, parabens and artificial colorants/fragrances.

Is your soap made with lye?

Yes! All real soap is made with lye. After the saponification process takes place (24-48 hours after soap being made), all that is left is glycerin and soap.

Do your soaps have a 'use by date'?
Once you purchase your soaps, I recommend using them within 6-8 months. The colors and scents will slowly fade over time, but your soaps will still be perfectly fine to use even after six months.

Are your products vegan?
All of my soaps are vegan with the exception of Oats, Milk & Honey and Turmeric & Raw Goat Milk soaps because they include either honey or goat milk. All of my products are made using plant based oils and butters. I do not use palm oil or animal fats in my soaps. Feel free to refer to the ingredients list for every product.

Why don't you offer lotion bars and lip butters during the summer months on your website?
The summer heat can be intense and unfortunately, lotion bars and lip butters have a tendency to melt during shipping in hot temperatures. As much as I'd love to provide these products year round, I want to ensure that you receive them in the best possible condition.