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Sovereign Soul Soapery


Welcome to Sovereign Soul Soapery, a small soap company located in sunny Los Angeles, California. My passion is crafting high-quality handmade soap, and I take pride in the process and ingredients that go into each and every bar.
I use the cold process method of making soap to create small batches, ensuring that each bar is made with care and attention. I hand cut and hand stamp each bar to ensure a personalized touch, as well as a polished and professional appearance.
All my soaps are made with skin-loving oils and butters, mineral-rich clays and plant infusions, and scented with pure essential oils. I believe in using only the purest ingredients that nature has to offer, and I never include any harmful toxins, synthetic fragrances/colorants, or preservatives in my products. My soaps are palm oil-free, making them environmentally sustainable.
My soaps are cured for four weeks to ensure a long lasting, high quality bar of soap that you will love. My simple and natural ingredients are not only good for your skin, but they also create a beautiful and unique appearance that is appealing to the eye.
Give my soaps a try and experience the difference for yourself.
Pure, natural, beautiful...always.

Meet the Maker
Hello! I'm Becky, the one-woman show behind Sovereign Soul Soapery. I wear lots of different hats - soapmaker, designer, photographer and bookkeeper, but above all, I get to indulge my love of crafting and creating everyday.
When I stumbled upon cold process soap making, I was immediately drawn to the idea of having total control over the ingredients going into my soaps. As a lover of nature, I knew right away that I wanted to use 100% natural ingredients. 
Of course, it wasn't all smooth sailing at first. I put in a lot of time and effort researching and created a recipe I was truly proud of.
Now, I'm excited to share my handmade soaps with you all. I hope my soaps bring a little bit of beauty and joy to your day.

Fun Facts About Me:
I'm married to an amazing husband and have two awesome sons.
I love star gazing.
I go on family camping trips every summer.
I come from a big family (3 sisters, 4 brothers).
I became a Reiki Master in 2020 and I infuse all my soaps with this beautiful energy.